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Employer Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in complete transparency here at SalesInsider. If you can’t find the answer to your question below, or on our pricing page, reach out to us at hello@salesinsider.io.

Why SalesInsider.io?

SalesInsider is a talent marketplace exclusively for hiring SaaS and Software sales professionals. We offer a focused and cost-effective way for employers to find and hire vetted sales professionals. Other recruiting services are horizontal and serve multiple industries and multiple roles.

How does it work?

Sales candidates and employers create sales-centric profiles that are vetted by our Talent Advisors. SalesInsider then matches vetted sales candidates and employers based on their sales profile which includes their SaaS experience, industry background, sales performance, location and selling experience.

Employers will see matched candidates in their SalesInsider dashboard, view the sales profiles and choose to schedule an interview with the candidate.

The candidate will immediately be notified and a Talent Advisor will assist with making an introduction and coordinating a call / video interview.

What kind of companies use SalesInsider?

SalesInsider only accepts software and SaaS companies to participate in the platform.

What kind of candidates are on SalesInsider?

The SalesInsider Talent Marketplace is comprised of Sales candidates who are Account Executives, Account Managers, Sales Development Reps (SDR, BDR, MDR), Customer Success, Sales Operations, Sales Management, Sales Directors and other sales leadership roles.

What does it cost?

Employers can look at candidates and interview candidates for free. You only pay a Success Fee of 15% of the new hire’s base salary that will be spread over 12 months. We also offer annual subscriptions for companies hiring multiple sales candidates.

Do you offer a guarantee if the new sales hire doesn’t work out?

SalesInsider offers a 90 day guarantee for all hires made through our platform.

Can I talk to someone through the recruiting process

We assign a dedicated Talent Advisor for each of our Employers that use SalesInsider. Your Talent Advisor will assist you with your job profiles, descriptions and candidate coordination throughout the entire recruiting process.

Are all of your candidates in Los Angeles?

While SalesInsider is focused on the Greater Los Angeles / Orange County areas today, we are expanding to other metro-areas very soon. We’ve also been successful placing remote sales candidates in other metro areas (speak to one of our Talent Advisors for more information).

Other questions?

Please CONTACT US if you have additional questions or if you would like to speak to a Talent Advisor.