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Candidate Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in complete transparency here at SalesInsider. If you can’t find the answer to your question below, reach out to us at hello@salesinsider.io.

Why SalesInsider.io?

Finding the perfect sales job is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. With SalesInsider, the job opportunities will come to you based on your sales experience and selling background. We are 100% focused on software / SaaS sales jobs – ensuring that you will find the right match.

How does it work?

You can become a sales candidate by creating a sales-centric profile that is vetted by one of our Talent Advisors. SalesInsider then matches your sales profile with employers based on your SaaS experience, industry background, sales performance, location and selling experience.

Employers will see your matched sales profile in their SalesInsider dashboard and may choose to schedule an interview with you. You will then be notified via email through the SalesInsider platform and a Talent Advisor will assist with making an introduction and coordinating a call / video interview.

Do candidates have to accept the interview request?

No, the candidate is in control of the experience and can accept or pass on any interview request. We encourage our candidates to respond quickly to interview requests (within 24 hours) and to consider opportunities that don’t appear to be a perfect match. Many times, through the interview process both parties learn things about each other that might not have been initially obvious. If you have further questions, you can always speak to a Talent Advisor at any time about the invitation and the company.

Does accepting the interview request obligate me to work at the company?

No, it is just an interview request and an opportunity for you to learn more about the company and the job.

What if I don’t ever receive any interview requests?

SalesInsider does its best job to ensure a good match but the employers will ultimately decide whether or not they want to interview you. New companies and new sales jobs are constantly being added to the SalesInsider Marketplace – just hold tight and new opportunities will eventually arise.

Will my employer see my sales profile on SalesInsider?

No, your profile is hidden from your current employer.

What kind of roles does the SalesInsider marketplace offer?

We only offer full-time sales positions with software / saas companies. All of the jobs posted will have a base salary and a commission / bonus / variable component. SalesInsider does not match candidates with part-time nor commission-only sales positions.

What is the interview process like through SalesInsider?

The hiring process for each company is unique, but the typical process starts with an Initial Call between the Employer and the Candidate, followed by either a Zoom live video meeting or an in-person meeting. Many companies then have some sort of demo process where the candidate demonstrates either their own product or the employer’s product in person or via a Zoom live video meeting.

What kind of companies use SalesInsider?

SalesInsider only accepts software and SaaS companies to participate in the platform.

What kind of candidates are on SalesInsider?

The SalesInsider Talent Marketplace is comprised of Sales candidates who are Account Executives, Account Managers, Sales Development Reps (SDR, BDR, MDR), Customer Success, Sales Operations, Sales Management, Sales Directors and other sales leadership roles.

What does it cost?

SalesInsider is free for candidates.

Can I talk to someone through the recruiting process?

Our Talent Advisors are always available to assist you throughout the recruiting process. We can help you prepare for your next interview, share details about the companies and job opportunities and discuss target opportunities as well.

Are all of your jobs in Los Angeles only?

While SalesInsider is primarily focused on the Greater Los Angeles / Orange County areas today, our clients are also looking to fill roles across the country. We’ve successfully placed remote sales candidates in other metro areas (speak to one of our Talent Advisors for more information) as well.

Other questions?

Please CONTACT US if you have additional questions or if you would like to speak to a Talent Advisor.